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Original & Authentic African Natural Body Care 

All Natural Shea Butter and Real Black Soap


We want to hear from you. Please share with us your experience with our employees and how our product(s) worked for you.

The Coconut Oil worked wonders on my daughters skin fungus. I never believed it at first. I always thought it was a rash until the dermatologist informed me that it was indeed fungus and not a rash. I was not going to use the prescribed cream they gave me, so I took the recommendation of Virgin Coconut Oil and used it on my daughter. It took a couple of weeks to go away. I now use it on a daily basis to keep her skin healthy.


Great Customer Service

Love it! These bars are great!


Love it! Ghana Super Blend Bar

I dont see black seed butter on website. i bought it from you 2 months ago, and this butter is great. I bought it for my father who has alot of pain in his feet. You suggested it, and it has worked much better than the shea butter alone. I need to reorder.


Black seed butter

Hello hun, I would like to share something with you. Back in June 15, 2016 a friend in Jamaica son got burned. I purchased 2 shea butter from you and gave 1 to her so that she can apply it to her son. Here is the outcome. I would like to share pictures with you. Of course she used a prescribed cream by dr for 2 weeks and everything else has been your product.


Burn - Shea Butter Cure

Grows my hair - great for stimulation. Feels so wonderful. Oh my goodness! I use it every 3 days. I have already seen my edges grow and hair looks beautiful.


Joltified Hair Tonic

I purchased an 8 oz container of the cinnamon twist body butter at the swap shop in Ft. Lauderdale and have been hooked ever since. I was pregnant with my first child and used this butter religiously on my belly twice a day, so much so I had to ordered another 12 oz jar in the middle of my pregnancy. I was also having skin issues during my pregnancy and Mrs. Jahnet suggested I try a sample of her supremely divine butter which seemed to work wonders on my dry blotchy skin. I'm also proud to say three weeks post pregnancy I am still stretch mark free and have since ordered another 12 oz jar to continue to use. I usually make my orders via telephone since I can't seem to order it online and each time Mrs. Jahnet is always a pleasure to speak with. I have since moved to New York and still plan on using these wonderful products. Thank for continuing to offer natural, quality products!


Satisfied mom

I have ordered a number of items, coconut oil, shea butter, black soap. Everything is amazing. I suffer from facial break outs and the black soap cleared me right up. And grandmother suffers from dry skin due to chemotherapy, the shea butter made her hands so soft again. Aside from the amazing products, customer service satisfaction is #1, Mrs. Jahnet is the sweetest, and she is super knowledgeable about her products. I have my whole family using the black soap, from Florida to New York. Shipping is also super fast and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this company and there products! Thank you guys, Another Satisfied Customer :)

Yolanda Hernandez

Love this Company!!!

The bar soaps you sent are great.


Wholesale - Ash Soap and Skin

I see through USPS tracking system that both packages were successfully delivered today. Thank you for the commitment to customer service. The bar soaps you sent are great.

Rejena with Ash Soap and Skin

100% Raw African Black Soap

Hello my name is Chauntee' . I have ordered several products that included raw African black soap, Raw shea butter, the supremely Divine Butter, divinely cocoa whipped shea butter, and the whip appeal coconut oil and shea butter. All these items have been fantastic! They are pure and the REAL DEAL! I've tried shea butter from various other vendors and this company's butter is by far the best! I plan to order many more items from them!


They are pure and the REAL DEAL!

Let me just say that I have tried many, many, oh so many black soaps and shea butters. I have not found an soap or shea butter that really impressed me. Until this company's products! Their black soap not only cleans but leaves my face moisturized! I couldn't believe it! Their raw shea butter is the best thing ever! I use it on my face and my skin is sooooo smooth! The owner is also lovely and very customer friendly! I will be ordering again!.


Extremely Satisfied New Customer!

The products I purchased are working good. I bought them for my daughter--but I am having a hard time getting her to use them.


Products are working good

I love the Supremely Divine Butter I just purchased. Can it be whipped?


Supremely Divine Butter

I love the soap and cream. I recommend your product to my friends and coworkers it helps me tremendously with my exzama


Shea Butter Soap

I am so satisfied with my products. My skin has never been so smooth and clear in ages. This is my second time ordering from you( my products ran out). I cannot get enough of them! Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. I am so excited to try your Dead Sea Salt in my baths. I have already recommended you to my girls!! You have a lifetime customer in me!!


Black soap/ Shea Butter

I absolutely LOVE the products, especially the premium unrefined Shea butter - it assisted me in getting no stretch marks and kept me hydrated throughout my pregnancy. I will definitely order again soon.


I absolutely LOVE the products

My daughter's hair grew so much! I mixed the shea butter and castor oil with olive oil and coconut oil. It was so good and effective that my son wanted to know what I was using on my daughter's hair and he began using the products. Thank You.


The products have been amazing!!!

Great product


Premium Shea Butter

The soap is outstanding and I am due for another block . I have been buying from you for sometime now and every block has been great my whole family loves it it is just great for your skin and face.

George Robinson

100% Pure Black Soap

Thank you for packing my order good. Everything made it safe and fast. The shea butter is fantastic. I cant wait to make my own soap. Thank you for your prompt and reliable service.


Hello from New Zealand

Finally, a pure black castor oil that I can rely on. Very good quality. Thanks.


Black castor oil

The deodorant stone works great! I dont have any odor and no more allergic reactions that my last deodorant gave me.


Deodorant works

Menopause tea, I need it. Can you add it to your website? I bought it at your booth and I'm hooked. Its the only thing working for my night sweats and hormonal outbursts. haha....


Menopause tea / hotflashes help

I love it. I just bought 10 more lip balms to pass out as party favors for my baby shower. The lip balm is fabulous. Do you make special request balms?


lip balm testimony

Hi JJ, I bought your new sunscreen product at the green festival in Broward. I tried ordering it and cant seem to find it on your website. Its great! I need some more. This is the only sunscreen I can use that does not burn me. Please add it to your website so others can enjoy this great product.


Organic Sunscreen not on website

JJ, where is the organic shaving cream???


Shaving Cream Anticipation

I love the new recipe. It smells like chocolate, yummy. My husband loves it too. I have to hide my jar from him. I like how it melts into your skin and no oil sits on top. I cant wait to see the full results on my face. Will be ordering soon. I recommended a friend of mine, so hopefully she will be ordering soon.

Tiffany Mason

Supreme Butter new recipe

I have gone to so many doctors to cure my sons problem with severe dandruff. None of them have ever been able to provide me with anything to help it. I bought your joltified tonic because you had mentioned it would clear it up. I was sceptical at first due to years of doctor failure, yet it worked with one bottle. I cant believe it. I have to send this testimony for anyone else who may be suffering from severe dandruff. I bought the peppermint body wash for him to use and he loves it. It have been over 10 years and finally a $12 bottle of oil fixed it. I paid hundreds of dollars for crap from doctors. Thank you


Hair oil

Fast shipping, great customer service. The soaps are great! Can you send samples of the new soap frankincense and myyrrh? I would love to try it. My favorite soap is the patchouli. I will be placing another order soon. Thank you.

Yvette Ortiz

Products are GREAT!!!!

I absolutely love your products. Keep up the good work. I saw your little helper at the market, so handsome. He has grown so much. Looks like you have your hands full. Smile


Love your products

I have referred all my friends. My pet groomer wants the pet shampoo wholesale. Can you supply her? It works real good. I am so happy that there is finally a pet shampoo that is 100% natural. Please, never stop making the pet shampoo.

Mary Cooper

Pet Shampoo is great!

I love your customer service skills. You always go above and beyond to please your customers. It shows your passion. I love the free product surprises in my boxes. I just tried the lavender shea butter and it is great! I have never used such a holistic butter such as this one. They sell the shea butter in many stores, but that quality is horrible compared to the one I have tried from your business. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Satisfied customer

I am highly,pleased with the results the liquid washes provide me with. I have used several different ones and Im hooked. great lather and never overdries my skin. I particularly like the Tarty Bergamot. I am telling all of my friends about it.


Liquid Soaps

I am finally take the time to write my testimony. I have been using your joltified hair tonic for almost 5 months now and see tremendous results. I use it for my edges and see not only growth but thickness. And the receding hairline is just about gone. wow! I cant beleive it! At first, I didnt believe it at first but now I do. I highly recommend it. Thank you


Hair Tonic

I have never seen better results using the pet shampoo. My dog groomer approves of the quality. You should have this pet shampoo in stores.


Pet Shampoo should be in stores

I have been using your hair tonic for a few months now and have seen huge results. All my edges have grown in as well as my entire head area has shown improvement with growth. The peppermint feels great!


Hair Tonic

I've made a number of purchases, Shea Butter, Black Soap, the quality of these products are truly amazing. Doesn't stop there, Jahnet the owner, she really knows her stuff, and goes above and beyond to make you happy. Received a mail order today, fast shipping, nicely packaged.....Thank you again Great Business, Great People, Highly recommended!


Satisfied Customer.... Again!

i ordered shea butter from OBAP 3 days ago initially asking for a quote for bulk products. I got a prompt response and within a few hours i got was satisfied with the answers to my questions and i ordered for 20kg. Even though my order is being processed i must comment that the professionalism shown by Jahnet and OBAP is quite good. I was informed of each step they were going to take and how much i would pay and also given a tracking number for my order. I can't wait to get the shea butter in my hands. i know it will be great because you are dealing with people you can trust. Thanks Jahnet :)



I have 2 problems. I have incredibly sensitive skin that becomes red and gets "hot" underneath the skin. It also breaks out in acne from time to time. i have tried every type of skin care imaginable, I finally applied your whipped coconut shea butter appeal and it doesn't seem to irritate it so far. Wonderful!


Whip Appeal Butter

Your shea butter is the best I've come across. whipped and raw. Either one pleases me.

Mary V.

Your shea butter is the best

I purchased a jar of Shea butter with the coconut oil and was amazed at the results !! I saw an immediate reduction in my dark spots and since then have bought several other items which i have been very pleased with. People have been asking me what i have been using on my skin they have notice a difference.!! I have been buying the liquid black soap for bathing and it is also wonderful. Can't wait to try the mud mask and bath salts Thanks Jahnet

Rebeca del Campo

Satisfied Customer

I loved the Shea butter, it is perfect west african shea butter, and fresh. I also like the Miswak sticks I ordered, patience + knowledge of how to use these are key to good dental health. Thank you.


Great products

I have so far only done a mud mask on my face with the volcanic mineral mud and also my 5 year old wanted in on that so she had one also. Other than that I have used a small amount in a batch of soap I made and I love it in that. Excellent product. Will buy again



I just wanted to let you know I received the package today & everything smells so fresh:) I think I may need to buy the larger combo in Ylang Ylang. Always satisfied & I thank you again for the generous sized sample! Have a wonderful day:)


Everything smells so fresh

I am using product and am seeing improvement.......thank you for quality products!!!


thank you for quality products!!!

I am very satisfied. I suffer from acne and the acne rescue soap along with the trio butter has cleared my skin 90%.


Acne Rescue 90% Healed

I always enjoy using your high quality raw unrefined Shea Butter. This time I shared some jars with both of my adult daughters for Christmas gifts. The butter is wonderful in the winter for preventing dry skin and great in the summer for protecting your skin from sun damage. I know they will enjoy it too. Thank you for supplying only the best! Sincerely, Victoria


High Quality RAW Shea Butter

I love your products and hope you continue with your pledge to quality. I wish you a wonderful day! Catherine


Love your products

I soo looove the black soap with patchouli. It's the first time I've tried it. I love black soap in general but never tried it with patchouli, I only used it with peppermint or plain. I suffer from eczema and black soap is awesome fur my skin. I've been looking for a handmade products fire some time now and I'm so happy to find your products! I'm looking forward to the black soap with black seed oil in it! I used your JJs trio butter on my face and neck the night I got it and I'm in love! I used to use shea butter or coconut oil on my face only. Your whipped shea butter With patchouli is so thick and rich is amazing! I have to say that I'm in love with your products and so look forward to purchasing more! Thank you for making an snagging line of products! Sincerely, 


I soo looove the black soap with patchouli

I use the black soap and Shea butter every day. The Shea butter I use for aftershave and a general moisturizer. It is the best men's aftershave I have ever come across in my opinion. Amazing that it is not marketed for that purpose more. Completely heals and soothes, makes shaving your face everyday not so scary! Thanks, 


Best men's aftershave

Your products are great and I will be continuing to use them and recommend them. Thank you so much. Best wishes,


Products are great!

W love your products. We just use them daily, thanks for the prompt transaction. Venessa


W love your products

I recently bought Shea butter from you and I was very satisfied with the product. It was very high quality and the secure packaging will help to keep it from spoiling. Thanks, Thandi


Secure packaging will help to keep it from spoiling

Your whipappeal butter is awesome. Great for my hair in the humid environment. My skin is so soft and silky. Far better than the raw shea butter. It's too heavy. The coconut shea is puuuurrrfeeecttt.

Phillys Rose

Coconut shea is awesome

Love the lavender shea butter. I am making up an early christmas list and thinking of using the whipped butters and liquids as great stocking stuffers.


Lavender shea butter

Amazing products. The trio butter Jahnet introduced me too is great! I had dark spots on my back and shoulders for years now. The three in one butter faded them away. Kudos

Joseph Miller

Complexion is clear

The acne and rescue soap clears up my dandruff, the soap also helped with the dryness. I stopped using it thinking it solved the problem, and tried another soap. Oh my, what a problem. I should have never done so. I just ordered another bottle and can't wait to get it.


No more dandruff

I cannot believe how my skin has changed within 3 months of using your Tri butter. I followed exactly as directed, and my dark spots have been fading. In a few more weeks, I will be sending you another order. My friend just ordered 3 jars to share with her family.


Tri Butter is Working

The hair tonic really works! My hair has most definitely shown growth as well as strength. It cleared up my dandruff too. I have already told all my friends about it. You should promote it on a bigger scale. Thank you


Hair Tonic

I have been using a variety of Jahnet's products and I find them to be of a superior quality to any others. the cocoa butter is the best ever!



I just wanted express my gratitude and say thank you for being so prompt in getting the products out I really like your body washes and hope to continue to be a customer to you :)


Really Like Your Body washes

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for the black soap it smells good (is it patchouli!) and everything else.I will be back to visit your shop again God willing... Thanks need to call just wanted to thank you:)

Ali, K.

Patchouli Smells Good

I love your organic and cultural products my favorite is the EV Coconut Oil t my skin so soft and moisturized and my husband loves it on me. I wanted to know if you another location besides the Swap Shop or the web?

Catina Durham

Other locations?

Love your unrefined raw shea butter! I am a returning customer. Packaging and shipping are very satisfactory. Your shea butter never spots on clothing and is wonderful for dry skin and wrinkle treatment. Will purchase more in the future since your price is very competitive along with great quality products. Thank you, Victoria

Victoria Rushing Cueman

These products are phenomenal and pure !!! great customer service as well. If this is your first time ordering from this company trust me you wont be disappointed. Again great products. I highly recommend


Chewing sticks, Chia seeds,mango butter, black soap, JJ hair oil

I use JJ's hair oil it's amazing people!!!!


JJs Joltified Hair Tonic

I have noticed such an improvement in my dogs skin since using this shampoo . I love that it's all natural and organic . I look forward to using your other products for myself as well .

Mandy Altman

Pet Shampoo

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful products :) The shea butter is absolutely amazing, my body ins in love with it!! And thanks you for the soap sample, that's very kind of you and I really appreciate the gesture :) Thanks for such great customer service.


Saskatchewan Canada

Your castor oil is working wonders on my hair. Do you sell the oil with added essential oils?


Black Castor oil

Oh my, let me say, that your mud is by far the best I have ever encountered. Wonderful. It relaxed me, is that normal?


Mud is fabulous

I received my order yesterday and I just want to thank you for the professionalism that has been displayed with this purchase. I'm happy with the products that were received and I just want to give kudos on the delivery time. I've dealt with others sites in the past that would take weeks to receive my order. I will continue to order from you, and I will and have been referring you to friends.


Respect & Blessing

The whipped appeal is amazing. I can use it for everything such as hair, face, lips and body. Can I eat it? LOL The black liquid soap is fabulous too.


Whip Appeal is amazing

Jahnet is a warm and passionate professional whom I have become to respect with her wisdom and provider of absolutely the most wonderful and pure products. I just placed an order several weeks ago and now back for more. I have tried the trio butter, mango butter, black liquid soap, hair tonic and perfume. They are heaven. You will not be disappointed with Jahnet on your side :-

Cat S

New Loyal Customer

love your coconut oil love your shea butter and love your element

Jay from GA

Several months back I purchased JJ's 100% Shea Butter to use for my dry skin with rosacea. It has made a huge difference. I no longer have dry patches and the rosacea has lessened.



I work at a Beauty salon i bought the patchouli shea butter my clients love the feel and smell and i like the fact it keeps my hands soft and i love the smell of patchouli, the products are great. I drove down from WPB Fla just for more of shea butter..


patchouli shea butter

I just placed another order for 2 bottles of the eucalyptus black soap. Let me say, that this is the ONLY soap that works for my mothers shingles. She has been back and forth from one doctor to another and from one dermatologist to another, and nothing ever works. When I first met you, I was sceptical, but when I noticed my moms skin change almost overnight. I am so delighted to see her at ease. I cant wait to get the order. Thank you.

Clare Millis

Eucalytpus Black Soap / Detroit Michigan

The eucalyptus salt scrub is wonderful. Even though I'm a man, I still love it. My daughter enjoys the ylang-ylang scrub. Next week, I want to try the lemongrass. Do you give small samples? I want to give a sample to my sister. See you this weekend.


Salt Scrub Customer

Everytime I come to you at the market, you are jam packed with customers. Yet you always seem to balance out everyone in such a delightful way. You are very knowledgeable and I appreciate your time in helping me. Thank you


Busy Bee